Imagine Having No Music?

Imagine a world without music, at first you may say “yes of course I can” and then think long and hard about where you hear music. You pick it up in films, TV ads, shopping malls, at work, basically just about everywhere; I bet that you do not go a whole day without hearing music somewhere or singing a tune out loud to yourself or in your head.

Music is incredible when you think about where it has come from and what it is like today. There are millions of songs all over the world in different countries producing different backing tracks and lyrics, it is unbelievable how songs can sound so different to each other after all the years of them being produced.

The first ever signs of music were back in pre-historic days around 1500 BC and it has been developing all the time since then. The modern and contemporary style of music that we all know and love today was introduced in the 1900s but in the 100 years plus it has been around it has changed dramatically. When you first think of modern you think of the pop stars that you love today however modern back in the early 1900′s was carrying out a new style of classical music. Classical music is where all music originated from and although not many people favour it today, we have a lot to thank its development for.

Music today transcends into your everyday life, when you are on a ghost train at a fairground you are bound to hear a spooky piece of music which will build up as you approach the scariest part, without the music playing on your mind as to when something is going to happen your experience would not be as scary or in a weird way enjoyable! Films always have pieces of music in the background throughout to fit what the characters are feeling at the time and there are even TV shows and films which fit into the genre of musicals. Musicals feature songs more often than regular films and also characters sing instead of speaking in parts. When you go about your day after reading this, you are bound to notice just how much you hear music than you realised.

Learning about music in school is very instrument based and of course you will already have a head start if you are learning how to play one or are able to sing. To be able to progress from key stage 3 to do GCSE music you must be at a certain level of your chosen instrument or singing otherwise you cannot progress, but of course can enjoy learning about it in key stage 3.

You will start off in Year 7 learning what the different music symbols mean such as quavers and semi quavers and will also be taught a basic tune on the keyboard to learn. You will then learn about the different eras of music and who the major composers were at the time; if you enjoy history then you will also enjoy this part of the subject. In Year 9 you can get the opportunity at creating your own tune on the computer and carry out a musical performance with a variety of instruments. Whether you can play or not you should enjoy having a break from the text book, learning in a music lesson.

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