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Irish music has fused with a variety of different musical genres. Irish songs have a hint of rock, American country, pop, etc. These combinations have created a variety of popular Irish sub-genres. Irish songs have always had a unique and distinct melody that many people love. Now that it has been fused with popular genres, Irish music has soared in popularity. These fusions allow for Irish songs to be more popular. Irish songs have always had many fans, but now more people can enjoy traditional Irish music with a twist. This new combination has allowed a new area of exploration for the artists through the Irish songs.
One popular mix of Irish songs is rock and Irish music. Many artists such as U2 and The Script include rock and Irish music into their songs. They are wildly popular, and have incorporated both traditional and new age music. Drop Kick Murphys is one example of a popular band with a tone of Irish song along with a popular hard rock edge. One of their more popular songs “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” exemplifies their Irish incorporation with their melody. The beginning of the song goes on with an Irish song’s rhythm before breaking into a hard rock song. Irish songs will always hold traditional value, but new incorporations will keep them popular for many years. Irish songs are timeless, and hold great value.
Another example of Irish songs that have been fused with hard rock is Flogging Molly. Their songs have traditional Irish song undertones. They also have a hard rock tone to their music. The strong following shows how extremely popular these bands are. People love the traditional music and mix with hard rock. These fans have a love for both Irish songs and the feelings they invoke. The Irish songs that these bands model their songs after have been popular for centuries in both Ireland and beyond. It is no surprise that these songs are still just as popular.
Another interesting combination with Irish songs, is with American Country music. This would seem an unlikely duo, but has become popular in many aspects. The mixture has melded two cultures together into one musical genre. There have been a few notable musicians that have become famous with these country Irish songs. One of them is Daniel O’Donnell, as he has the most recent recordings from this genre.

These Irish songs are popular in specific music circles, but do have a good standing among musical sub-genres. Irish songs will continue to fuse with more genres to create new areas of music.
There are a variety of other sub-genres of Irish songs that people enjoy listening to. Among these genres, people have popularized traditional Irish songs by infusing them with mainstream music.

This comes as no surprise, because of the reliable fan base and traditional Irish songs that have been popular for centuries. It is a wonderful thing to bring back to life the traditional Irish songs that have encompassed Irish culture for many years.

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